Mod Podge Play Kitchen Makeover

Call it a psychological defect in my brain, but I am obsessed with home and furniture makeovers. It drives my husband batty. It’s better to be obsessed with home makeovers and not extreme body makeovers– (I’d look like the cat woman if that were the case).
Lately, he tells me that any new project done to our house will keep us in our house a year longer. This threat keeps me in check. So instead of going after my own kitchen, I went after Abby’s.
I think we can all agree that a lot of children’s toys, especially the larger ones can look kind of, well, childish. For those people like me who have smaller homes and no extra room to stash and hide all the playtoys, it becomes part of our home decor. I’m stuck looking at Little Tykes kitchens and play yards that are primary colors all day.
Most of my toys are hand-me-down or bought dirt cheap at garage sales, which is something I always recommend to new moms. Why pay full price for something that you can buy used? I don’t always, if ever get the luck of getting the classic looking (usually more expensive) furniture like Melissa and Doug, Land of Nod or Pottery Barn Kids. Without sounding like a toy snob, the play furniture I do get usually just doesn’t match the rest of the house and it bugs me.
I bought this Step 2 Dream Kitchen playset from a friend of mine for $35 (originally sells for nearly $200- score!). My daughter spends lots of hours making me delicious cupcake soup, banana hot dogs and cheese in this kitchen. It paid for itself in the first 10 minutes. And I KNOW she doesn’t care about the grape border and the window stickers overlooking farmland, but I do, and I’m going to be looking at it until she’s about 7 or older, so I wanted put my own spin on it.
Step 2 Dream Kitchen Before Makeover

The Country Kitchen (Before)

Did I mention I love to Decoupage? I had a mad affair with it years ago and then kind of forgot about it.  Apparently others love it too since there are many blogs about Mod Podge. I forgot how fun it is. And it’s a cheap, easy way to make the mundane look awesome. Once I remembered, I had a gallon of this Mod Podge sitting around, I ripped off the kitchen borders and the sky/farm window stickers.

Caution: Can be very addictive

To make the new border and mosaic “tile”, I had some scrapbook paper that I bought years back. I’m not a scrapbooker (never will be) but I liked the designs on the paper and they’ve come in handy for many little design projects.
A little Mod Podge, some cool paper, and naptime (not mine, the kid’s) and here’s the outcome. I love it so much I’ve been spending more time in her kitchen.
Step 2 Dream Kitchen Makeover

The Bitchin' Kitchen Makeover

Off to find other things I can decoupage…


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